Kashrut Certificate and Distribution Points

The Tefillin Hevron staff is made up of  experienced veteran Sofrim who are experts in the laws of scribal writing. Tefillin Hevron has a special certificate of Mehadrin Kashrut from HaRav HaGaon Dov Lior, rabbi of Kiryat Arba-Hebron.

See the Teudat Kashrut

List of the stores and approved dealers where Tefillin Hevron can be purchased.
You can contact us directly or request that we contact you through this form.

the Area of Jerusalem and Benjamin-

Mintzer Books- Gush Etzion Interchange. Telephone:  02-9933490

Michael Kochav, Makor Haim 35, Jerusalem,Telephone: 072259342

chain store “Hamsa & Kesef”

Tuvia Temple products- Shilo

The central area-

Omer EDUT- Shoham

the north area-

“A tradition in the Valley”- moshav Sede-Yaakov,
the manager- Rabi Amazia Yehieli