Visitor Center


IN Tefillin Hebron visitor center, the visitors will learn about the process of producing houses of tefillin, about the KLAF and THE PARSHIOT, experiment with writing on KLAF with a quill and ink and leave on a journey with ASAEL to Cave of tefillin.Highly recommended for BAR MITZVA kids and their familiesDuring the tour the visitors can looks SOFER STAM in his work and learn from it.
we will experience ourselves probably writing latters of STAM With KLAF and quill-feather trueWe can also become a writer just for a moment!Come and discover, learn and experience


the TEFILIN`s cave

In a unique and exciting media regarding tefillin and Hebron the visitors will meet ASAEL and after all the new things they learned he will test their knowledge through the tour center.Each player will receive a sign to accompany him on the trip. During the game, answering questions signs, watch videos and get the prizes!

In addition, Tefillin Hebron offers you a comprehensive experience of a full day (or half day)in Hebron, includes a visit in new visitor center, visit a winery and tour in Hebron

When touring the neighborhoods of the city of the AVOT, where they went, you can feel the holyness every stap. Thhe peak of the tourwe  will visit in MEARAT HAMACPELA – the graves of our AVOT and learn about the history of the place. You can combine lunch at a restaurant on the site.

events and BAR MITZVA in tefilin hebron!

Did you want to celebrate Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah in Hebron? You want that your son will read from the Torah on Hebron? Want to go for a special day full of exciting experiences and values ​​in a  year of the bar mitzvah?Tefillin Hebron offers you a uniq bar mitzvah experience!For information and to set the date: 1-800-300-120
the entrance fee | Suitable for all the family.