Kashrut Certificate and Distribution Points

Near the Machpela Cave, in the holy atmosphere of the city of the patriarchs, Kiryat Arba- Hebron, Tefillin Hevron are written and produced with the greatest Hiddur and quality by Sofrei Stam, qualified scribes, who are both expert and G-d fearing.

To Tefilin Hebron has special certificate of Mehadrin from the Gaon Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi of Kiryat Arba-Hebron.

see תעודת כשרות

The list of authorized stores and agents where  Tefillin Hebron  can be bought.
You may contact us directly or request that we contact you through this form.

Jerusalem and Benyamin-

Minszer Books – Gush Etzion Interchange. Phone: 02-9933490

North –

“Tradition in the Valley” – Moshav Sde Yaakov,
The director – Rabbi Amatzia Yehieli