Production Process

1. Preparation

soaking the skins, immersing in lime for two weeks, rinsing, smoothing and cutting to shape for Tefilin.

2. Bolox

preliminary streching to create four chambers for the tefilin shel rosh and one for the tefilin shel yad. cleaning the spaces between the chambers to achieve smooth surfaces. additional drying.

3. pressing

with the help of a press. a machine that exerts 15 tons of pressure. the leather is pressed into a cube.

4. trimming

The tefilin are trimmed and sharpened to form a cube. And openings are created on the sides for the Ma`abarta. Where the strap will pass through

5. the letter "SHIN"

Streching and embossing the leather to form the letter “shin”- three branched on the right side and four branched on the left side of the tefilin shel rosh.

6. measuring

Measuring the house and the brim with a ruler for an absolute square.

7. perforation

Creating exact and equal perforations and holes for later sewing

8. painting

Sanding the leather and painting it black, waiting until the paint is absorbed and sanding and painting again several times, until an even color is achieved

9. insertion

Inserting the parchments that the scribe has written into the batim and sewing the base

10. tying

Tying the knots that form the letters “Yod” and “Dalet” and attaching the straps to the batim through the Ma`abarta passage.