Visitor Center


Near the Tomb of the Patriarchs, in the holy atmosphere of Hebron, Hebron Tefillin of the highest quality is written and designed by expert writers.
Professionalism and service
In Tefillin Hebron, a professional team with many years of experience is working on this holy mission of writing cases and designing cases, with uncompromising precision and quality.
The entire process is supervised by Rabbi Dov Lior Shlita.
All the parshiot undergo careful examination by experts.


Visitor Center

At the Tefillin Hebron Visitor Center you will find a showroom and a sales stand for religious articles, Judaica and souvenirs. When you enter the Tefillin Visitor Center, our professional representative will accompany you on your tour and will have the opportunity to learn about the construction of tefillin, parchment, ink and parchments.
Visitors will learn about the writer’s work, and have the opportunity to write on parchment with a feather pen.

the TEFILIN`s cave

The visitors’ center has an experiential exhibition, “The Cave of the Tefillin,” which includes a fascinating interactive multimedia game. The game involves audience participation and is adapted for the group, family or individual.
Come join us on a journey in the Cave of Tefillin!

Special Bar Mitzva!

Bar Mitzvah Party in Tefillin Hebron
Special program for customers
An experience that will stay with your son all your life!
Laying parashiyot for tefillin with Bar Mitzvah.
The Bar Mitzvah will feel connected to the mitzvah of tefillin and learn about all the stages of their preparation. This includes an experiential visit to the Visitor Center.

Programs for Groups / Families Celebrating Tefillin for the First Time:
• Visiting the Visitors Center, including:
• Comprehensive exhibition on the construction of tefillin.
• Visit the writer’s world, including an opportunity to write on parchment.
• Unique film on the preparation of ink, parchment, feathers and cane pens.
• An exciting Orkobist presentation: “The Cave of the Tefillin”
• Summary of the visit with guest participation.
• Lunches or caterers are available.

For groups and schools-
Experiential learning day

Discover, learn and experience –
Tefillin Hebron from the city of the Patriarchs.