Bar Mitzvah

A Special Bar Mitzvah Experience!

Have you ordered Tefillin Hevron? You’re invited to come experience the writing of Tefillin in Hebron!

In the Visitors Center, visitors can learn how Tefillin are made, about klaf (parchment) and the Parshiot, to try their hand at writing on parchment with a quill pen and to follow Asael on a journey in the Cave of Tefillin.

Highly recommended for B’nei Mitzvah and their families.

During the tour we will see a Sofer STAM, a scribe who writes Torah scrolls, Tefillin and Mezuzot, and learn with him, as well as trying our hands at scribal arts ourselves, with real parchment and a quill pen. We can also be scribes for a moment!

Come – discover – learn – experience!

Finally… The Tefillin Cave!


In an exciting and experiential media game about Tefillin, visitors will meet Asael and go along with him on a journey where they will test the knowledge that they acquired from their tour of the Center. Each participant will receive a control unit that will accompany him throughout this unique journey. In the course of the game, participants answer questions with the control unit, watch videos and even win prizes!

The tour with the game in the Visitors’ Center: 90 minutes.
Free for all Tefillin Hevron customers.
On site there is a restaurant/ security/ restrooms and free parking. For additional details and arranging a tour with Tefillin Hevron, call:


Appropriate for the entire family