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In Hebron, the city of the Avot, in light of the special sanctity of the Patriarchs and the Patriarchs Cave, joined together Sofers Stams with a leading professional team in tefillin, and set up the Tefillin Hebron plant.

Compilation of a holy commandment

The mitzvah of putting on the tefillin is one of the most important mitzvahs that accompany every Jew from Bar Mitzvah age. In the tefillin of Hebron, the Parshiyots are written by the scribes of Setam Yarai Shemayim who live in the city of the ancestors near the Cave of the Patriarchs and are perfumed by its holiness.

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The tefillin houses are made with a meticulous and high-quality finish, and with the best finishes. The entire process of making the tefillin is overseen by Rabbi Dov Lior Shalita, Rabbi of Kiryat Arba – Hebron.

quality and professionalism

The ‘Tefillin Hebron’ team has been engaged in the field of Tefillin production since 1993 with uncompromising professionalism. The seniority and experience in the field of production, together with the great seniority of the Ha’Stam writers, have earned Tefillin Hebron thousands of satisfied customers who attest to fancy tefillin with a meticulous and high-quality finish. Customers of ‘Tefillin Hebron’ come back and buy fancy tefillin from the city of their ancestors for their sons and grandsons as well.

Customer service and personal attention

The ‘Tefillin Hebron’ team will be happy to provide you with the best service. We allow for a convenient spread of payments, and also provide the customer with a warranty for the tefillin he purchased and a photo of the installments. In addition, you can send us tefillin for testing and receive replacement tefillin in return. The Sattam writers and the rest of the Hebron tefillin team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the tefillin mitzvot or the process of making them.

The embryo for their doing

Different rabbis usually give their recommendation to different establishments involved in the production of tefillin, however there is no strong recommendation as the actual purchase of tefillin that proves above all that these are the most luxurious tefillin.
Important rabbis purchased tefillin for themselves or their descendants from ‘Tefillin Hebron’. Among them: Rabbi Dov Lior Shalita – rabbi of Kiryat Arba-Hebron, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Shalita, rabbi of YAK Tsafet, Rabbi Yehuda Amichai Shalita – head of the Torah and Haaretz Institute, Rabbi Mishal Rubin Shalit” A- Rabbi at the Shabi Hebron yeshiva, Rabbi Shalom Iloz, head of the Nir yeshiva, Rabbi Bnei Clemanzon, head of the Atniel yeshiva, Rabbi Yosef Horowitz, head of the Har Hamor and Mitzpe Ramon yeshiva, Rabbi Haim Zelinger, head of the Atniel yeshiva. – Head of Kiryat Arba studio

We will be happy to be at your service at any time.

Rabbi Yehoshua Shani – founder and manager
Rabbi Amram Ohion – Director of the Proofreading Office and the Scribes Department.
Pinchas Del- Sofer Satam and manager of content, reservations and the visitor center.
Uri Yeshoviev – Chief Operating Officer

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