About Us

Near the Machpela Cave, in the holy atmosphere of the city of the patriarchs, Kiryat Arba- Hebron, Tefillin Hevron are written and produced with the greatest Hiddur and quality by Sofrei Stam, qualified scribes, who are both expert and G-d fearing. We invite you to join us and visit the place where the nation of Israel has its roots.

Visitors’ Center

In the Visitors’ Center, we will learn how the Tefillin cases (Batim) are made, the production of scribal ink, the writing of the Parshiot and how they are placed inside the Tefillin. During the tour, we will observe a Sofer Stam at work, and experience writing the letters ourselves. We will conclude with an audio-visual game and learn about Tefillin and the city of the patriarchs.

The Rabbis have Chosen: Tefilin Hebron

Many rabbis have been impressed thus far by the level of stringency (hidur) and professionalism at Tefillin Hebron.

Lavin Fam

We really like what we got