The Rav Gaon Shmuel Eliyahu Shlit”a

Rav of the Holy City of Tzfat

Please accept my warm thanks on the opportunity to meet with you and with your magnificent factory “Tefillin Hebron”, that produces elegant Tefillin of the highest caliber. I was delighted and pleased in seeing the blessed work that lays another foundation for building the holiness of Kiryat Arba Hebron, the City of our forefathers. I bless you to merit to continue your Holy mission, to help our brothers, the Children of Israel to excel in the commandments of Tefillin, to glorify the name of Hebron, the city that connects fathers and children together in holiness, light and happiness of commandments

The Rav Gaon Dov Lior Shlit”a

Rav of Kiryat Arba - Hebron

I would like to confirm that the “Tefillin Hebron” factory under management of Yehoshua Sheini and Rabbi Gershom Shteinmetz, stands under my supervision, with an expert team of writers that are fearful of heaven, and it’s Tefillin and their housings are Kosher and Mehudar for both Sephardim and Ashkenazim, everyone according to their choice.

Rav Aharon Hacohen Shlit”a

Rav of the town Yakir:

At Tefillin Hebron Thank G-d we merited to both purchase Tefillin Mehudarot and to experience a connection to the Mitzvah of educating children through joy, and to come to Hebron and strengthen the community. Bless you Tefillin Hebron, that you merit to connect these things!

Rabbi Aryeh Handler HI

Head of the Hesder Yeshiva in Ramla

The recommendation of the head of the Hesder Yeshiva Ramla Rabbi Aryeh Handler after a visit with his family to the visitors' center of Tefillin Hebron

Rav Yisrael Rozen Zatz”l

Rav of the Tzomet Institute:

We were very happy to visit the place with our grandson who will soon be having his Bar Mitzvah. We learned all of the details of preparing the Tefillin, and all of the steps involved in the writing process. This is a very beloved Mitzvah, a Mitzvah that is special to the Nation of Israel, as it says on the Tefillin of the head: “Will be in awe from You”. We wish all who are involved in this work to be elevated and successful together with all the residents of Hebron. And with the help of G-d, we will do and be successful!

Rav Tzafaneya Drori Shlit”a

Rav of Kiryat Shemona:

I hereby recommend Tefillin Hebron, which makes to the highest Hidur, in the City of our Forefathers, under the supervision of the Genius Rav Lior Shlit”a. It is known that the writers of the Tefillin go and stand before Rav Lior Shlit”a that directs them to be extra careful in their Hidur. The operation is headed by manager Rabbi Yehoshua Shani, who is Yirat Shamayim

Rabbi Yoni Levy and his family:

We have arrived here today, to Hevron the city of our forefathers. We are becoming another link in this chain. We were present at the moment that the Parshiot were put in (the Tefillin), we learned about the entire process for preparing (the Tefillin), we were tested on the Halachot and for me as a father, this was a particularly special moment. Tefillin Hebron is a special place, here in Hebron were you feel you are a part of the unending chain of generations. Well done!

Jonah Hoffman and his family

onah Hoffman - A Settlement Man with Rights! And also the grandfather of the Bar Mitzvah Roi and will love .... Thank you for purchasing the Tefillin (X2) and participating in the exciting workshop at our visitor center 🙂 May God bless your years of good and pleasant, wish you health, comfort and joy from all descendants!

Haim Shmel

I invite everyone to Hebron Tefillin: The nice place to buy tefillin and experience the purchase at the Visitor Center. And the best time to kiss a grandson 🙂

Junior High School Yatka

Dear Mr. Yehoshua Sheini, Greetings! On behalf of the 7th grade class of Yatka and the teaching staff we would like to give our heartfelt thanks on the privilege that fell upon us to join in on the fun activities and on the experience that is Tefillin Hebron. We learned a lot about the manufacturing of Tefillin, preparation of the special feather pen used, the ink and more. And everything was described clearly and tangibly accompanied by an impressive and enjoyable quiz. There is no question that these valuable activities that our students went through on the way to the year of their Bar Mitzvahs will leave an impression for many years and will be significant in building their spiritual stature. May you continue to be blessed in your work for many years and merit with G-d’s help, to receive many more students from all over the Country that can have the amazing experience we went through. Thank you again for everything! Rav Menachem Sadiya, the teaching faculty, and of course… the students.

Teffer Family

BS”D Teffer Family, Shevat תשע”א Dear Yehoshua Sheini and Tefillin Hebron, We wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience of the placing of the parshiot in the Tefillin of our son. This experience allowed us to get an inside perspective on Tefillin (double meaning intended). It’s clear to us that from this day forward donning Tefillin will have much more significance due to your wonderful explanations - Thank you for connecting us to this Mitzvah of Tefillin. With blessings, Teffer family, Sharei Tikvah