In the Hebron tefillin, we have a team of veteran and expert writers who write the the tefillin parshos.
The Parashos undergo a meticulous computerized examination, in addition to an examination by proofreader on behalf of Rabbi Dov Lior Shlita.
The tefillin parshos are inserted into the tefillin batim only after examination.
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Batim (Boxes)

The Batim are made from leather from the neck of a cow. We are careful to chose quality kosher skins. Our batim are totaly separated (פרודות לגמרי) with a string between the batim, (גיד בין הבתים) and are totaly hand made (עבודת יד).
On the head tefillin we make the Shin by hand lechumra. Every bayit undergoes careful inspection after manufacturing to ensure quality and Hidur.

Retzuos (Straps)

Our straps are made by G-d fearing jews from the initial tanning process (from the salting). We use high quality calf leather and paint. We offer both black on one side only, and black on both sides. Our straps are of the highest Hidur and are recommended by Gdolei Yisroel.




Good quality Batim Gasot
Parshos kosher lechatchila
Machine made straps

More than 30 Hiddurim


Tiferet Avot

Batim Gasot Mehadrin
Parashos Mehadrin
Hand made straps balck on both sides

More than 40 Hiddurim

Mehadrin Min Hamehadrin

Keter Avot

Batim Gasot Mehadrin totaly by hand
Parashos Meadrin leMihadrin Straps upper skin Mehadrin black on both sides hand made

More than 50 Hiddurim

Special Models

Rabbeinu Tam

Rabbeinu Tam tefillin are available in Hod, Tiferet Avot, and Keter Avot.

Tiny Tefillin

Tiny tefillin 23x23mm, Keter Avot

Prudos Glatt

Batim completely separated, a card can be inserted between the batim easily An extra Hiddur only available for Keter Avot

Basic Tefillin Set

Kosher tefillin pshutim (batim made from parchment) Includes: Tallit, Siddur, and a velvet bag.

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