Visitors Center

Visitors Center

At the Tefillin Hebron visitors center we’ll learn about the manufacturing process of the housings of the Tefillin, the production of ink, the writing process, and how to place the Parshiot into their housings. During the tour, we will watch a Scribe in his actual work, and you will be able to try yourself in writing the letters as he does. And in addition… a Multimedia award-winning Quiz experience with prizes!

Duration of the Tour and quiz at the Visitors Center: 75 min.

Bathroom / Access / Free Parking.

The program is especially suitable and recommended for schools and groups.

Up to 60 participants per tour!

By appointment only. Free for anyone who orders Tiferet Avot or Keter Avot Tefillin.

For details and orders: 1-800-300-120