Putting On and Taking Off Tefillin

Putting on Tefillin
Based on the verse: “You shall bind them as a sign upon your arm and they shall be frontlets between your eyes,” the sages ruled in the Talmud (Menahot 36a) that the proper way of putting on Tefillin is to first tie the Tefillin on the arm (“You shall bind them as a sign upon your arm”), and then to put on the Tefillin shel Rosh (“they shall be frontlets between your eyes”).
The proper way to put on Tefillin is as follows:
Place the Tefillin on the forearm, tighten the knot and wrap the Retzua (strap) around the arm (according to the Ahkenazic custom-six or seven times, according to Sephardic custom, eight times). Afterwards, put on the Tefillin shel Rosh properly and then go back and wind the remaining section of the Retzua around the palm and fingers.

Taking off Tefillin
The Talmud (Menahot 36a) goes on to learn that the Tefillin shel Rosh should be taken off, and only then the Tefillin shel Yad. One should avoid wearing the Tefillin shel Rosh on its own.
The proper way to take off Tefillin is as follows:
We unwrap the Retzua that is wrapped around the hand up to the wrist. Then we remove the Tefillin shel Rosh, and only after that the Tefillin shel Yad – unwrapping the Retzua from around the arm, loosening the knot and removing the Tefillin shel Yad.

It is important to put on Tefillin properly and with confidence. The Tefillin Hebron staff will be happy to show you how and guide you personally in putting on and taking off Tefillin. You are invited to turn to us with all of your questions!